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US Farathane is the leading source of plastics manufacturing, supplying the automotive industry for over 50 years. Through highly technical research and development, coupled with a diverse and knowledgeable Management Team and dedicated Associates, US Farathane continues to grow each year.

US Farathane exceeds customer expectations for Quality, Delivery, and Customer Service, as well as Product Design and Development Support.


   At US Farathane, we design and manufacture highly engineered plastic injection-molded components, make them available to you in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs and supply both functional and decorative parts. 

   What has made US Farathane a leading supplier to the Automotive Industry for nearly five decades is our ability to innovate and then pair that innovation with solid value.  We are a full-service provider of value-added design and the highest quality solutions. 

   From our innovative design approach to our array of unique processes, US Farathane is committed to manufacturing quality components at competitive prices. And you can be assured that, as always, we remain customer focused and service orientated. 

   US Farathane is built on a foundation of service excellence offering our customers world-class full-service design, engineering, manufacturing, and quality control capabilities. We utilize a variety of custom and standard materials in our engineered processes.

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- Secondary Assembly

- 2 Manufacturing Locations

- Injection Molding

US Farathane's production facilities in Monterrey and Romita combined with its strong management team, asset base, and culture of manufacturing excellence are representative of our strong and agile capabilities. These two facilities are critical functions of US Farathane’s geographic footprint and gives direct access into the growing Mexican automotive production sector.


These facilities are home to an outstanding group of highly skilled and dedicated employees that have driven world class results. With locations in northern and central Mexico, we are well aligned to serve our existing and future customers.



Our three production facilities in China (Shanghai, Taicang, and Changchun), together with its highly experienced management team, provide US Farathane with a presence to serve the Asian market and a direct Chinese footprint to serve the largest global automobile market in the world. Additionally, US Farathane is able to serve existing OEM customers in both the U.S. and China.


The USF China team is able to capitalize on technology and has demonstrated success serving demanding international customers.  The drive, competitiveness, and ethics of the USF China team fall right in line with our fundamental principles.


- Secondary Assembly

- 3 Manufacturing Locations

- Injection Molding




Delta Technologies, LLC is a mold and fixture manufacturer supplying both automotive and non-automotive markets. Delta is a three building campus equipped with state of the art machinery and resources that support a global customer base.


The Delta Tooling division is experienced in plastic injection tools ranging from 20 to 4500 ton. The Delta Fixture Division prides itself on designing and building precision gaging equipment. Our expert in-house design and manufacturing aids in meeting compressed timing, efficiency, and quality goals. 


- Full Service Supplier

- 30 Machining Centers

- 24/7 Service

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