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supplier relationship

US Farathane conducts business in an ethical, respectful, and responsible manner.  Building solid connections with our suppliers ensures long term and mutually beneficial relationships.


US Farathane Corporation recognizes that our supply base shares a critical role in our ability to meet our customer’s requirements. Your commitment to provide quality products and services is essential to our mutual success.

Our goals can only be realized by developing relationships with suppliers that promote continuous improvement.

USF Suppliers will be developed, evaluated, and monitored with a goal of QS Section 1 compliance as their fundamental quality system. All quality records and related documents must be maintained and accessible to USF and its customers. 

USF expects this directive to be passed down to your suppliers to achieve quality continuity throughout the product. 


(Files are available for download by clicking the below icons)

Supplier Manual

USF 997 EDI Specifications

USF 830 EDI Specifications

USF EDI Info Sheet

USF 856 EDI Specifications

Supplier Capacity Run @ Rate Worksheet

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